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New Clients Please Read!

Additional information about my services and pricing:

Pets I Do No Take

Dogs that Bite

I have a strict zero tolerance policy for aggressive biting. (Puppies teething and dogs who play nibble are fine, and I can tell the difference.) By becoming my client, you acknowledge that I can enforce this policy at any time and at my discretion if I feel that my safety is at risk.

Not House Trained (*Boarding Only)

I will not take any non-housetrained pets in my home for boarding. However, I am happy to house sit, walk or do drop-ins for them.

Pets I Will Take Under Certain Conditions

Dogs With Seperation Anxiety

I will take dogs with separation anxiety. However, if their separation anxiety is so great that they cannot be left alone for any period of time (without barking, whining loudly, becoming destructive etc.) there is an extra charge per day (or night) . This is due to the fact that while watching them, I am limited in my ability to leave the house to run errands or book visits to care for other pets.

Dogs With Special Care or Medical Needs

I will take pets with special care or medical needs. Senior pets are very welcome here! Just please be aware that depending on their special care needs there is an extra charge, so just let me know before you book so I can include it in the pricing. Also, depending on the severity of their condition, I may ask for a care card to be left in case they need emergency vet care. (This is for more extreme cases such as animals with seizures, heart condition etc.)


I am happy to care for puppies! Just please be aware that puppies under 1 year old, especially if they are still potty training, are subject to additional rates. I will only care for puppies under 1 year old in your home. 

Payment Policies

When is payment due?

Generally for most services, I ask for payment upfront at the beginning of the visit, or half upfront and the second half by the end of the visit. For regularly scheduled walks, I prefer payment at the beginning of each week for the full week of scheduled walks. I'm also happy to do requests on venmo at the beginning of the week that you can fulfill at your leisure during the week.

Forms of Payment I Accept

I accept Cash, Venmo or Zelle. I do not currently accept personal checks or Cashapp.


Generally I prefer to have advanced notice for cancellations. However, I try to be flexible as I know plans change, but please be aware that multiple cancellations in a row, especially for longer visits can result in being terminated as a client. (This is rare, and only enforced if I feel there is an excessive pattern of cancellations.)

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