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Price: 30/45mins walk $25/$30

*(+$10 for each additional dog, +$5 per walk during the Winter)

I know that busy schedules can make it hard to give your dog the outdoor and exercise time they need. That's why I offer walks on a one time or reacurring basis to give your pet a chance to enjoy the outdoors and relieve themselves. I can accomodate dogs of all ages and sizes up to a 100 pounds.

Dogs with Dog Walker


Price: $25-40 per visit  

*(Depending on care needs and number of pets)

Need someone to check in on your pet while you're at work or away? Let me take care of it! This service applies to both dogs and cats as well as other pets (see my "other" pet care section). I can do feeding, administer medicine, clean litter, change pee pads etc. For dogs I can also add walks to this service for an additional fee (depending on the extent of other care needed).

Dog Eating Dog Food


Price: $65 per day (depending on care needs)

A lot of people think cats are low maitinence pets that don't require the same social interaction as dogs, but that simple isn't true. Cats need companionship and can experience stress and anxiety when left alone. So let me give them the care and affection they need while you're away. 

Sleeping Kitten


Price: $80 per night

*(Subject to additional $45-50 per night for special care needs like medical observation, puppies, post-surgery observation or seperation anxiety.)

Going away? Let your pup stay with me while you're gone. I will provide them with ample walks, attention and care in my home. (*Please note that I have moved to a smaller space and have an abundance of boarding requests, so availability has become more limited. I can more easily accommodate sitting pups in your home.)

Sleeping Dogs


Price: Varies (Contact me for an estimate)

I can offer care for many "other" types of pets. This includes hamsters, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibinas etc. If you aren't sure if your pet fits into one of these categories, just send me a message or a text and I'll let you know if I can accomodate them :). Services for "other" pets can include boarding, daycare, and drop ins.

Feeding Guinea Pig


Price: *$15-$17 per hour

Doggy Daycare is perfect for the times when you're away for the day at work or on a day trip and need someone to care for your pup. I provide feedings, walks, attention and any other special care as requested. (I take puppies for this service as well).*Please see FAQ for what dogs I will take. 

(*Similar to dog boarding. My availability has become limited for this service due to space and demand. If you're open to me watching your pup in your home, that is much easier to accommodate at this time.)

A Puppy in Bed


Price: $15-17 per hour (Depending on care needs)

Great for cats who need special care or company during the day when you're away. Just drop them off and pick them up. I'll take care of all the love and care in between.

Ginger Cat


Price: Dogs ($90 per night)

Cats and Other Pets ($75 per night)

*(Subject to additional $45-55 per night for special care needs like medication administration or seperation anxiety.)

Just House Sitting - $25-35 per drop in (plant watering, mail etc.), $65 per night for overnight stay

I know that pet sitting and house sitting often go hand in hand. I can care for your home and your pets. This can include getting the mail, watering plants etc.

Mail Box 2

Doggy Daycare for Post-Surgical/ Medical Observation (After Nueter, Spay Etc.)

Price: Varies (Contact me for an estimate)

Oftentimes when pets are post surgery (after neutering, spaying or another procedure), it is not recommended that they be around other animals while they heal. This means most kennels and doggy daycare facilities are not an option for the days or weeks following surgery. I know this can be difficult for owners who have to go to work and cannot be home 24/7 to watch their pet during recovery. That's why I offer this service to provide daycare for pets in recovery. I have experience caring for pets post-neuter, spay, pets with seizures, and senior pets with cancer diagnoses. Please contact me with details about your pets needs for an estimate.

Dog in Cone

Pick Up/Drop Off at Doggy Daycare

Price: $25 each way

I can pick up or drop off your pet between my home and yours, *OR between any of the local daycare facilities and your home. (And don't worry! I won't be offended if you use a daycare facility. I'm happy to make things easier by offering a drop off and pick up service even if I'm not the one providing care in between.)

*Please note, this service only applies to daycare centers and homes within a half mile of where I live. I live by the Key Food on 7th Ave. This means your home and the daycare center must be no more than a half mile from each other and me. I will sometimes make exceptions if it's slightly farther. If you are unsure if you're in my service radius please contact me with your address and the address of the daycare and I will confirm.*


Pick Up/Drop Off at Vet or Groomers

Price: $50 roundtrip including 1.5 hours at the vet or groomers

(+$15hr for each additional hour after 1.5 hours)

I know the vets and groomers in this area can be really busy. Finally getting an appointment, and then having to take time off work to take your pet for a check up or grooming appointment can be a hassle. For this service, I offer pick up from your home and drop off at the vet or groomers. I let you know what the vet or groomers says about your pet, or you can call them separately. After their appointment, I drop your pet back at home to be waiting for you when you get home!

This is a newer service I'm offering so availability is limited. Feel free to contact me if interested or with any questions. (*The same distance restrictions apply as regular drop off/pick up services.)

Canine Hairdresser


What I Can Do for You and Your Pets

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